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A New Music Video for Piney Gir

Here’s an interview with Piney in Amelia’s Magazine, about her beautiful new song ‘Purple Heart’ and the music video I made to accompany it.

Clash Music magazine have described the video as
engrossing visuals with a surreal DIY quality.’
They must be the visuals inspired by Michel Gondry then, or so says the Director anyway.

At the end of a strange journey can be found the grotto of an artist’s dreams… Welcome.
piney gir purple heart article

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Welcome to the new website for Lucid Dynamics Ltd.
Lucid Dynamics was set up in 2009 by Julius Beltrame, with the aim of making valuable contributions to arts projects and collaborations, particularly in the production of Photography, Moving Image & Text (coming soon).

The website is intended to grow organically, adding both new projects as they become available but also filling out some of the ‘back-catalogue’ of work from the last decade or so, much of which hasn’t been seen online before.

Get in touch on the Contact page if you’d like to kept occasionally updated with new pages and posts.

>>NB. Due to a recent WordPress Hack, we’ve removed much compromised content. Please look out for new updates as we gradually replace what was lost. Thank You<<

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Time To Go Trilogy – Bird Radio

A trilogy of short films to accompany 3 songs from Bird Radio’s first album, ‘The Boy and the Audience’.
Thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign, Chiara Ambrosio asked me to be her DoP on the shoot in the Orkney Islands.
A 12-hour coach ride to Aberdeen, followed by 7 hours by ferry to Kirkwall and an overnight stay there before our small band of friends finally reached our destination: the tiny, magical island of Papa Westray.

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“The Catch” 2004. My First Short Film

A short horror film we made with friends, credit cards and heaps of enthusiasm.

Allusions to adultery, satanic group sex, cannibalism and interior decorating, please be aware there are some shots best avoided if you’re squeamish.

Working with everyone involved to make this little film happen was the best fun I had that year and we all learned a great deal in the process.

We Premiered it at the 2004 Up Over Down Under Film festival in London. We also screened it at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner and the 2005 Cardiff Film Festival. The National Film Board of Canada presented it at Cannes as part of their programme entitled “Strange, you say?”.

Highway 375 to Rachel, Nevada

I’d left Beatty that morning heading east into the Great Basin. When I met this view I felt compelled to stop and take a photograph. It was a baking hot day, easily over 40 degrees. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I couldn’t believe how free I felt. The joy of a roadtrip is knowing that one is free to roam at one’s whim, but at the same time once the road is chosen, one’s journey is laid out before you like an asphalt carpet.

I thundered down this road at 110mph. There was no FM radio, no AM radio even, no mp3s to listen to, just my slowly recovering inner voice, whispering, learning to speak to me again. I opened the windows all the way down and remember the sound and feeling of the billowing pillows of hot air that slapped into the open car windows. I felt such a rushing sensation. I let rip several full-throated jubilant yells that I felt no need to hold in. The wind sucked them away almost before I could hear them.

I had no idea if I could cross the Basin in a single day, and was hoping the tiny dot on the map – the only dot on the entire road to Utah – would have somewhere for me to put up for the night. And maybe some gas.

Just one or two bends in the empty road and several hours later, I pulled in front of the extended trailer that is the Little A ‘Le’ inn at Rachel. The only sound on this still, empty desert evening was from the car’s hot tyres as they crunched over the dusty gravel. I slowly rolled passed the amusing flying saucer suspended from a broken down pick-up truck. I was only halfway across Nevada. Concerned I might be short of gas, hungry and thirsty for a Budweiser, I sat on a bar stool and waited to catch the barmaid’s attention. She popped the top on that cold brown bottle and I sunk half of it before I put it back on the counter. The assorted locals enjoyed my accent and I enjoyed their talk of UFO hunters, CB radio before the internet came along and one chap recited me a poem drunkenly, about his drunken life in Las Vegas as a younger man. All I’d eaten that day was a twinkie at lunch and a sandwich for supper, so the Buds had got my ears warm and head light. It’s a poor excuse I suppose but I can’t remember to this day that chap’s name, or the poem he recited. It may be better that way.

Lighting a Sitcom Pilot. 2014

In September 2014 I was asked to light a new sitcom pilot. I’ll update with more details as the embargo is lifted, but wanted to post something as it was such a fantastic shoot. Filming on location for a week was intense and challenging, not least because we were shooting with 3 handheld cameras at once! I blasted as much as I could out of a pair of D25 HMI’s either bounced or through some gorgeous diff frames, and filled and pepped as best I could with Arri 650s & Dedolights. Definitely one of the most fun shoots I’ve been on, we had ourselves in stitches most of the time – a good sign for a sitcom!